Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are implemented in compliance with OSHA Hazard Communication Standards ( SDS includes information such as the properties of ingredients in each product; physical, health and environmental health hazards; protective measures; safety precautions for handling, storage and transportation; procedures for spills and leaks; and other precautionary statements.

If an SDS cannot be located, you can contact Premier Brands of America, Inc. through our Contact Page and we will assist you in obtaining the information. SDSs can be obtained by clicking on the weblinks below:

Invisible (Body) Powder Spray
Invisible (Foot) Powder Spray
Nail Restore Fungal Formula
2 in 1 Heel & Foot Exfoliator & Moisturizers
Triple Action Foot Cream
Shoe Refresher Spray (Improved)/ Odor Defense Spray
Foot Powder Spray Talc-Free
Body Powder Spray Talc-Free with Baking Soda
Foot Powder Spray Talc-Free with Baking Soda