Private Label

Premier Brands of America is a world-class manufacturer and packager with efficient, state-of-the-art facilities. Premier is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation to reach its goals of providing high-quality, effective products that meet the ever-evolving consumer desire for health and wellness. Premier is committed to delivering affordable, high quality products that always meet regulatory standards. We hold our manufacturing process to the highest standards and strictly comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We meet or exceed all FDA, DOT and state regulations. From concept to formula, packaging design to manufacturing, Premier Brands of America offers full service, comprehensive turn-key solutions that are consistently on-target.

Premier's Products

Premier's expertise in store brand products attracts top retailers from across the globe. We have over 150 items that can be "custom produced" for your store brand. We offer a full suite of product development and marketing services for your unique brand. Upholding the highest standard of your brand is our paramount responsibility from start to finish. From our creative services, to 3rd Party testing, to fulfillment, we ensure customer satisfaction by providing excellent products at a competitive price.

Foot Care Products

Premier offers a wide variety of foot care products that include Gel Insoles, Foam and Memory Foam Insoles, Cushions, Padding, Powders, and Removers. We produce both liquid and non-liquid methods for the safe removal of common warts, nail fungus, calluses, corns and bunions. In addition, we manufacture items that protect your feet from pain and pressure.

First Aid Products

Premier offers a wide variety of first aid products including Sterile Saline Wound Wash, Medicated First Aid Spray, Burn Relief Spray with Aloe and Liquid Bandage. We offer innovative solutions and delivery systems for poison ivy, skin rashes, insect bites, scar treatment and more.

Spray Products

Premier offers a wide variety of spray products that include Antifungal sprays, Body sprays, First-Aid sprays, and more. We manufacture a full range of liquid and powder sprays in continuous and traditional aerosol spray forms.

Beauty Products

Premier now produces top-quality beauty products such as Face & Body Lotions and Wax Strips for "your store brand" or through our in-house product label.